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About Murder at the Magic Mansion

Don’t settle for the same old boring night out. Join River Lake Murder on Saturday, February 22, (January 25 SOLD OUT early) for a sumptuous four-course dinner show that is destined to turn deadly for someone. It’s going to be an immersive mystery experience, sure to be full of twists and turns and a night you will remember for the rest of your life.

Unless, of course, you’re killed or sent to prison for murder?

man in 1920s suitIt’s 1923 and master magician Harry Blackrock has invited you to his world-famous (some would say infamous and maybe even haunted) Magic Mansion for the wedding of his youngest daughter, Sandy. You’ll be rubbing elbows with real magicians (doing real magic), city politicians, local law enforcement, Vegas mobsters and a few rich & famous celebrities from the Roaring Twenties.

Unfortunately, the evening is not going to end well for someone on Blackrock’s guest list.

When the bodies start to drop mid-meal it’s going to be up to you and your team to put your heads together and hunt down the killer. Ooh, you might even become a Prime Suspect in the murder?

As the evening continues you’ll interrogate suspects, bribe potential witnesses, gather important clues and work with your team to crack the case before the culprit gets away. And, one hopes, before your homemade dessert is finished.

To get the most out of your sleuthing experience we encourage you to dress for the time period, though any casual dinner attire will be fine, too. Prizes will be awarded for the best costumes, as well as a grand prize for the best detective work.

Your ticket includes appetizers, a full salad bar, your sumptuous dinner entree and homemade dessert. It doesn’t include taxes, online service fee, server gratuity, or beverages (an Open Bar is available so long as the Prohibition revenuers don’t look too closely).

Our Murder Mystery carries a PG-13 rating. There will be simulated violence, potentially loud noises and some mildly adult humor. Children ages 15+ with adult supervision are permitted.

“Murder at the Magic Mansion” is written and directed by professional magician, Ron Carnell.

River Lake Murder presents an experience unlike anything else in the world.

We combine a traditional murder mystery story with just a hint of theatrical magic (think “special effects”) and top it off with a sumptuous four-course meal that is unrivaled within the murder mystery industry.

So what is a Murder Mystery?

Essentially, it’s a fully immersive play centered around the death of one (or more!) participants. There is no stage, and the professional actors for the most part are hidden among the guests. The audience doesn’t just watch the play, they become an integral part of the play. Every guest assumes a character role in the on-going story. Some of them will be suspects. One of them (or more) might even unknowingly be the killer.

What happens?

  • Someone dies.
  • Suspects are gathered.
  • Clues and forensics are disseminated throughout the audience.
  • Teams are assembled to unravel motives, means and opportunities.
  • Accusations are made.
  • And the team who comes closest to solving the mystery wins the night’s grand prize.

The Magic

Our play is written and directed by professional magician Ron Carnell. Ron was inducted into the Michigan Magic Day Hall of Fame in 2018 and sits on the Board of Directors at the world-famous American Museum of Magic in Marshall.

The story takes place in the majestic home of a famous magician from the early 1920s. Many of his magician friends are in attendance, along with a bevy of politicians, gangsters and assorted celebrities.

It is, perhaps, inevitable that a few strange, very magical things will be experienced throughout the evening, all within the context of the on-going story.

Did we mention the mansion is said to be haunted?

The Dinner

What can we say? We might be just a little more expensive than other Murder Mystery venues, but that’s because the food we serve you isn’t just an afterthought.

You don’t get a small salad plate with a single choice of dressing. You get a full salad bar. You aren’t limited to entree choices of chicken and fish. No other Murder Mystery offers prime rib on their menu.

At River Lake Murder you get the superlative dining experience that has made River Lake Inn famous for over forty years.

The Venue

River Lake Inn has been known for their fine dining since Marv and Anita Bliss first opened the doors in 1976.

They have three dining rooms, as well as a beautiful deck where summer guests rub elbows (so to speak) with literally thousands of hummingbirds. River Lake Inn has a full salad bar, a full buffet and, of course, a full menu and wine list.

(For “Murder at the Magic Mansion” we will be serving a limited menu, which will include Prime Rib and Cordon Bleu. That’s the only way to serve 70 guests in a timely manner. You still get the full salad bar and wine list. Did we mention the open bar?)

The restaurant is open year-round, 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm Monday through Saturday and no one to 7:00 pm on Sunday.

Click for Directions to River Lake Inn, 767 Ralston Road, Colon MI 49040 (269) 432-2626